WSF England


Who are we?

Welcome to WSF England. We are the English branch of the World Shotokan Federation (WSF).

Sensei Ady Gray, 6th Dan – President of WSF England.

What are we about?

We keep true to the Shotokan way of competing in Kata and Kumite and we will be taking a
Team to compete bi annually, at the WSF World Championships and WSF European Championships.

We do not belong to any multi style world body, and therefore, remain independent.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to compete in solely Shotokan World/European level competition, either as a group/club or individual or you would like more information regarding WSF England please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email –

Phone – 07972 227772

Our belief for competition is summarised perfectly by Sensei Kagawa, and is how we see the future of Single Style Competition and The WSF England developing:

“Sport Karate competitions still should have their base roots, the “finishing blow” concept and the art of self-defence. This point has been overlooked recently and needs to be reestablished and reaffirmed within all sport organisations, to keep the correct spirit in such events.”

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