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Referee’s of the 9th European Shotokan Karate Championships

Referee team of the 9th European Shotokan Karate Championships managed the competitions with high performance stated that the Chairman of the Referee Commitee Mr....

Adrian Popescu Romania Seminar

  World Shotokan Federation Deputy President Mr. Adrian Popescu Sacele (8.Dan) conducts seminar in Zalau, Romania on 13-14 May 2017 with participation of more than...

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World Shotokan Federation’s 9th WSF Shotokan Championships

World Shotokan Federation's 9th WSF Shotokan Championships held in Istanbul with participation of more that 36 Countries with 1400 athletes. Click here for the results Click...

WSF International Seminar Mexico

 To join seminar in Mexico kindly send us your participation list on info@wsf.world

WSF Azerbaijan meeting

The final meeting of the Azerbaijan Shotokan Federation was held on 30.12.2017 in Baku Azerbaijan The World Shotokan Federation (WSF), operating in Azerbaijan, hosted an...